Try something different

So after all the kids had turns on Grandma Jo’s four wheeler they wanted me to have a go at it. I wasn’t sure I wanted to, but then had the thought “why not, do something fun every once in a while.” So I hopped on. Just then I felt Lynn wrap her arms around me. Man I should have gotten on earlier! That makes me want a four wheeler if Lynn is going to ride behind me like that.

Emalie Left for the MTC

Emalie left for the MTC this last Wednesday.


Here are some pictures from the dinner we had after she was set apart.

The following morning ( we left home at 3:30 AM) we went to the airport. Emalie’s flight left at 5:45 AM.

Family saying goodbye to Emalie at the Airport

After Emalie Arrived in Salt Lake, Larry and Chris McDonald picked her up and took her to the MTC.