The van died on the way to church one morning. After some time we got it up on the car dolly to take it to town to have it repaired. Daniel decided he was going to pull the van to town he grabed a rope tied to the van and pulled with all his might to take the van to town to be repaired.
After some time of pulling and heaving with all his might the van would not move. So he called James and Benjamin to help. But the van would still not move the three pulled so hard and tried to move that van that:
Benjamin and James fell to the ground with a kerplunk. And again the boys tried with all their might to pull that stuborn van to town. But it refused to budge. So Daniel went and found his sisters and said we must get this van to town so it can be fixed.
So the girls stood behind the van and pushed with all their might to move that van and get it to town to be fixed. To no avail the van would not move. So Daniel found papa and asked, “Will you pull my van to town with your truck so it can be fixed?” And that is what papa did. Posted by Picasa

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