A fun family home evening

Last night we had a fun Family Home Evening. It started on the trampoline.


We talked about family history. After the lesson and “wiggle songs” we went in for our treat. Emalie has begun practicing making cakes. Last night she made a checker board cake.


After we put the babies to bed we talked about the meteor shower. Daniel, Laura, and James wanted to stay up and see it. So they started a movie to wait till midnight. I went to bed and took a nap. I woke up at midnight and we all went out on the trampoline to watch the meteor shower.

This morning we were all worn out from staying up so late and had a hard time waking up. Then we heard Alyxibeth crying, then a couple minutes later she was very upset. Lynn was the first one up. Turns out Alyxibeth got up by her self and decided to wash her hair. She had a stool by the sink, and had her hair wet and soap all over her hair. She had gotten soap in her eyes and that is why she was so upset. We are trying to figure how to be up before her from now on.

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