A Sunday of trials!

It has not yet reached noon and the trials have been great.

We began by trying to help Katheryne finish her talk for primary. Because we tried all week and had got nowhere she was fustrated and all she could do is cry. We pushed through and got her talk done.

Then we told the children to get their clothes out of the dryer and get dressed. But when they checked the dryer had not been turned on and all of their clothes were still wet.

The next trial was Daniel and Laura fighting and they pushed a bookcase over and it crashed down into the den. Somehow there was a 6 pound jar of honey that was smashed and covered the floor. We had to move the couch and unload and move the game cabinent. Needless to say we did not make it to church.

After a while Aubrè came in and said I think Loppy ( our male rabbit) is dead. So we went out and checked and he was dead allong with one of Flaherty’s rabbits. The children were devistated. We have not yet told her that her rabbit is dead she will probably freak out.

Holpfully the day will go better from here on out.

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