Aubrè’s trip to the Japanese Kitchen

The other day Aubré was talking to Lynn about setting a goal to read the Book of Mormon in three days.  Lynn said that if she did that she would take her to dinner.  Aubré took Lynn up on the offer and finished the Book of Mormon in three days.  Flaherty told Aubré about the Japanese Kitchen. So Aubré, Lynn, Alyxibeth and I  all got together and went to the Japanese Kitchen.  Alyxibeth sat in a high chair. To keep her entertained Lynn tied her phone to the high chair.  Then Lynn’s phone rang and she bent down to answer it.  Alyxibeth saw her opportunity and grabbed Lynn’s hair. Thus the picture:



Alyxibeth loved the soup. It was quite good.


It was a very fun experience and we had a lot of fun.  I am glad Aubré made the goal and that she was able to follow through.

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