February 2024

It has been a fun month and fast month. One big highlight was I was called to be the Baptistry Coordinator. Lynn brought Alyxibeth. I was so excited that she brought her.

We also had a snow day. Which was a lot of fun. It was really great that it was a Saturday so we could play all we wanted.

Just before Christmas Aubre was in an accident and hit a deer. Insurance covered the car and we were able to buy another minivan. James was amazing and found a company that took the van to Aubre for $900.

Try something different

So after all the kids had turns on Grandma Jo’s four wheeler they wanted me to have a go at it. I wasn’t sure I wanted to, but then had the thought “why not, do something fun every once in a while.” So I hopped on. Just then I felt Lynn wrap her arms around me. Man I should have gotten on earlier! That makes me want a four wheeler if Lynn is going to ride behind me like that.