Diary Entry from 12/30/09

Someting I forgot!
I was remembering a night a few weeks ago. I was woken up by some
strange noises in the attic. I tried to ignore it but the noises kept
on, so I decided to go see what it was. As I stepped out of my room
there was Adolf our cat poking its head out of the door to the boys
old room in the attic. I reached for him and he ran back up in the
room. I was too tired to chase him so I went back to bed. Just as I
was getting comfortable the cat began meowing like he was going to
die. So I got up and went out to put the cat outside. Just as I walked
out of my room Daniel walked out of his room, I was relived so he
could climb the rock wall and get the cat. Daniel looked up at the cat
then at me and said "that is not my fault, I did not leave that cat in
here!" Just as I was about to say go get the cat Daniel turned and
went back to bed and ignored all my protests. So I had to climb the
rock wall bare foot and get that cat and put it back outside.

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Jim Applegate

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