Great American Eclipse 2017

People planned for years in advance for the eclipse on the 21st of August 2017. The Applegate family? Saturday afternoon we decided to go. We packed up and left we were halfway to Utah before we knew if we would even have a place to stay (Yea GORDON!) We drove through the night and got to Utah Sunday morning slept for a few hours got back in the car and drove to Idaho. Was it worth it? Yes Definitely! Here are some pictures from the experience!

So the eclipse started and we were hanging out in Gordon’s yard. Then everyone got the idea to go to town and watch it with everyone there so we did.

Lynn did a Facebook live of the eclipse.

It was so neat to see this. When I was 8 there was an eclipse and I remember seeing the video on TV and wanted to see a total eclipse ever since. It was well worth the wait.

After the eclipse we played tourist to let the traffic thin out.

So we went back to Gordon’s house and on the way the interstate was totally packed and not moving.We waited around for several hours because we were going to stay with Elese and it was only a 3 hour drive. Well it took us over 9 hours to et back to Elese house.

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