Happy Birthday Laura!


Today is Laura’s 9th birthday. Last night we took her birthday shopping. She had made a list and knew exactly what she wanted. A game boy, a watch, and toe socks. She counted up her money and knew everything she could buy which stores to go to and on which order. We started off at game stop on Coors and Central. Unfortunately they did not have a game boy. So we went to Dion’s for dinner and called around till we found her a game boy. The game stop on academy had one so we drove across town to that game stop. There was a PetSmart in the same shopping center so we went in to see what they had. Laura left with a fancy mouse and a ball to run around the house in. She is cute white with brown spots. Next Laura wanted a watch and toe socks so we went into Wal-Mart. Laura picked a cute silver watch with pink butterflies on the face. We only saw one pair of toe socks that were ugly so she bought a Teddy bear that lights up instead.

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