Holy Agua!

With all the rain we have had every time we would see a puddle the kids would yell out holy agua!

On Monday August 7th we went to town to see a movie. As we crossed the Rio San Juan it was overflowwing its banks. As the kids yelled out holy Agua! Lynn and I were in shock as to how much water was flowwing in the river(a). In all the time that we have lived out here we have never seen the river a third as full as it was that day. So Tuesday morning we decided to go and take some pictures of the river overflowing its banks. As we pulled up to the bridge there were several people there taking pictures of the river being so full.
As we crossed the railroad tracks we saw that the river had overflowed and was now filling up a low area by the tracks. As we drove up to the new lake we saw that the water was flowing into the housing development. When we looked at the new lake we saw two houses under water.
After we returned home Lynn’s dad said that he was going to see if anybody needed help.
(a) I remember one time when someone was visiting Roswell from back east, they were talking about the drainage ditch that flowed through Roswell. It turned out that they were refering to the Hondo river. Some of the people in Roswell took some offence at refering to our river as a drainage ditch. So when I see the Rio San Jose I think of it as a drainage ditch. Posted by Picasa

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