Our day at the zoo

Saturday September 2nd we decided to go to the zoo. It had been almost six months since we last went. Lynn packed us a picnic lunch and we loaded up and went to the zoo. We arrived at the zoo at 11:30 so we decided to have our lunch outside the zoo at the park across the street, so we would not have to carry it all over the zoo with us. As we prepared our lunch the wind came up and we were freezing, the children all said that we are not going to like the zoo it will be too cold. So we ate our lunch and thought that we could at least go see the indoor exibits. After lunch we went across to the zoo. Once inside it was delightfull. We began with a picture infront of the flamingos, it is becoming tradition.
Then the children all ran as fast as they could to see the new baby hippo. They were so used running that they did not stop it was like pulling teeth just to get this group picture, notice Laura is ready to go again.
After all the running we came to the new play area at the zoo and guess what, the children let us res, for almost two hours they played on the new equipment. Next to the play area is a water feature that randomly shoots water into the air. The older kids loved getting wet, and it was not cold any more, thank goodness. This is James after he studied where the water shot up and then sat and waited for the water to come up.

He was laughing so hard I think that he may have wet himself but you could not tell. Posted by Picasa

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