Our visit to Roswell

We just got back from our visit to Roswell. Grandma sugested we go up to NMMI’s rock garden for some pictures. So here is a picture that we took. Aren’t they cute!
We had lots of fun. We rode the carasel, had lunch in the park, and went to the library. We also went to McDonalds for a pirate night. The kids got their faces painted and dressed-up as pirates. Aubre got a movie ticket to go see Pirates of the Carriabian. She had been waiting to see that movie for months.

The saddest part of our trip was on the first day Silk (our dog) disapeared. We hung flyers, went to the pound and humane socity every day. But no luck, we only pray that whoever has her will take good care of her. Posted by Picasa

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