The van died on the way to church one morning. After some time we got it up on the car dolly to take it to town to have it repaired. Daniel decided he was going to pull the van to town he grabed a rope tied to the van and pulled with all his might to take the van to town to be repaired.
After some time of pulling and heaving with all his might the van would not move. So he called James and Benjamin to help. But the van would still not move the three pulled so hard and tried to move that van that:
Benjamin and James fell to the ground with a kerplunk. And again the boys tried with all their might to pull that stuborn van to town. But it refused to budge. So Daniel went and found his sisters and said we must get this van to town so it can be fixed.
So the girls stood behind the van and pushed with all their might to move that van and get it to town to be fixed. To no avail the van would not move. So Daniel found papa and asked, “Will you pull my van to town with your truck so it can be fixed?” And that is what papa did. Posted by Picasa

It has been a long time!

It has been a while since we have posted. We have been so busy latley. Yesterday was James’ birthday. He bought a Grave Digger truck. He loves it alot, I think he has ramped it off eveything in the back yard. Grandma and Grandpa Applegate are coming today and the kids are very excited.

Baby Rabbits

Midnight had babies on tuesday. We had decided that she was not pregnant and then all of a sudden one of the neighbor kids said there were babies in the rabbit pen. Because we did not think that she was pregnant we were not prepared for her to give birth. Some of the babies fell out of the pen and we had to move them. So she would not take care of the babbies and they all died a couple days later. The kids were very sad.

A River Runs through it

We just had a rain storm a big one:

The kids just kept crying that they wanted to go swimming in the river. Lynn adamantly refused. With having sore throats and coughs she did not want to complicate things. The kids did not like that at all. They tried so many ploys to get her to change her mind but she would not budge. Emalie had sweats on and was lying under a blanket. She kept saying that is was so hot that she had to go swimming.

We finished all the sheet rock in the house. Lynn’s family were over all day, by about four they were all pooped out and could go no more. But Lynn pushed a little harder and we went for three more hours and got it all done.

Piano Recital

Last thursday Aubre, Emalie, and Katheryne had a piano recital at the church. We decided to have Katheryne’s daddy-daughter birthday date that night. We really like having daddy-daugher dates it gives me time to have a father’s interview all the way to town but the kids see it as a very exciting time.

That day we discussed all the resturants in Los Lunas, and Katheryne wanted to go to Dion’s (a pizza place). The children’s favorite thing on the menu at Dion’s is their cheese toast. Katheryne and me left an hour earler than everybody else. At Dion’s they have really good sandwiches and salads. So all the way to town I asked Katheryne what she wanted in the hopes of having one of their salads or sandwiches but all she wanted was cheese toast. So I talked her into a pepperoni pizza and cheese toast.

At Dion’s they have a glass wall so that kids can watch them make the pizza. After we ordered our dinner Katheryne wanted to go watch the pizza being made. When we ordered they were quite busy so she stayed and watched for about 20 minutes. Then she came back to the table stayed for a couple of minutes and then went back to watch some more. We had a nice dinner together. It was a lot of fun to spend that time alone with Katheryne.

The church is a ten minute drive from Dion’s so we left at 6:45 to be at the recital in time and to give Katheryne a minute to practice her song. There is a railroad crossing right in front of the church. As we came up to the crossing there was a train stopped on the tracks and it was not moving. I was trying to decide what to do whan the train started moving again. I figured it would only take a minute so we pulled up into the stopped trafic. After five or six cars passed the train stopped again. So we sat there for ten minutes and the train did not move. I knew we needed to get to the recital so I tried to go down a small side road. Which ended with one house. So I turned around and there was an empty field behind a building that went over to a main road. Then we had to drive five miles to the next crossing. Katheryne was concerned the whole way that we would got lost forever. We finaly made it to the recital five minutes late.

All three of the girls played beautifuly. I was nervous about Emailie’s song because she had been practicing for days and it sounded like she was just pounding on the keys of the piano, but when she played at the recital it was just beautiful. We were also concerned about Katheryne because she is so shy we were frightened that she would back out at the last minute but she did not she went up to the piano and played her song like a pro. And Aubre had such conifdence and presence I was greatly pleased with her.

This week on the Internet.

I have begun to listen to podcasts, they are radio programs that are sent over the internet. My favorite is TwiT, it is hosted by all the hosts from Screen Savers. Its address is You can also subscribe to it with iTunes from Apple. I really like iTunes it is a great program for listening to mp3’s. One of the sites that they talked about in TwiT is for a program called Konfabulator. Konfabulator is a free program from Yahoo! that allows for widgets. Widgets are small programs that run on the desktop and give information for many diferent things. Widgets are writen in XML and JavaScript. We have downloaded many widgets from the web site and I am thinking about writing some.

I wanted to add more but ran out of time.