Swinging in the hammock

Daniel and I are out swinging in the hammocks. We have had such a
cold winter that we have spent more time indoors than out. Usually by
mid May we have been wearing shorts for weeks and spend more time
outdoors. We are just now getting into spending time outside. We just
set up our hammocks and everyone is thinking about setting up the
swimming pool

In seminary we finished Isaiah. Today we started Jerimiah. Every time
I would give a reference someone would break out in "Jerimiah was a

Business has slowed down this week which is rough. I would like to
find a way to help stimulate orders but that would take me from the
office and everyone that could take my place has just left. So I feel
alone in running the office I have lots of help just I need to be
there and can't walk away.

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Jim Applegate

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