February 2024

It has been a fun month and fast month. One big highlight was I was called to be the Baptistry Coordinator. Lynn brought Alyxibeth. I was so excited that she brought her.

We also had a snow day. Which was a lot of fun. It was really great that it was a Saturday so we could play all we wanted.

Just before Christmas Aubre was in an accident and hit a deer. Insurance covered the car and we were able to buy another minivan. James was amazing and found a company that took the van to Aubre for $900.

Just after it rained

We brought Aubré in for her institute class. Just as we came into Los Lunas it started raining hard. After it stopped raining Alyxibeth got out of the car and played in the puddles.

Then Samantha had to get in on the action.

Sisterly Love

It is amazing how time flies and how big our kids are getting. Aubrè was telling me just the other day that she can put her mission papers in in just over a year. That mission age change aged me an extra year! Bring it on!!!
It is so funny to me that my family is getting old yet we have just started again. These two are so cute and bound to be the focus of most of our pictures for the next few years.


Alyxibeth loves to burp Samantha and just today she wanted Samantha in a box so she could push her around the kitchen. Last night Alyxibeth wanted Samantha to stand up on the trampoline and jump with her. That was a trip!

Nap Time

It has been so fun having a new baby at our house. Everyone loves her and she is a good baby.


Sometimes I think she wishes she could get more sleep. She has such a helpful big sister, that figured out how to get into her bed, that can’t hardly stand for her to sleep or eat without helping.