An Airport Adventure

Brooke came for the blessing of Samantha. She stayed for five days. We love when auntie Brooke comes for a visit we always have so much fun with her. On Wednesday when she was getting ready to go home we had to get water so we stopped at the water store first. Next to the water store is a Krispy Kream doughnuts. The hot and ready sign was on and Brooke had to treat the kids so we went in for a dozen doughnuts. The kids loved the doughnuts.


Brooke looked up the question of the day on her phone and the kids all got a coupon for a free doughnut. Which they redeemed right then, but the manager let us keep the coupons for another time.

We stopped at Little Anitia’s for dinner. You can’t leave Albuquerque without stopping at little Anitia’s for some green chili.

After our yummy green chili we went to the airport. Brooke had been told that the airline can decide to let some family members accompany you to your gate. She asked at the desk and they let 4 of the kids go back to the gate with her. She bought them some candy as they waited for her to board her plane. The next day the kids were asking to go back to the airport with auntie Brooke.