Our trip to Cochiti lake

We had looked over our calendar and decided if we did not have a family camp out on July 6th and 7th it would not happen this summer. When we passed Cochiti lake on our trip to Bandelier we saw that the east side of the lake has trees by the water so we decided that would be where we would go.

We left home around 5:00 pm and drove up to Cochiti lake. We arrived at 7:00. First we went down to the lake and walked along the shore for a bit. Next we went up to the campground. The campground is up the hill from the lake. We Set up camp and had hot dogs for dinner.

The next morning we took down our tents and went down to the lake. There is a spot that has an island about 200 yards from the shore. We set up our shade tent and watched the kids play in the lake it was a fun day.