Easter 2012

Lynn and the kids all made new dresses for the girls and vests and ties for the boys. It has become an Easter tradition. Lynn has been making Easter dresses for the kids since Aubrè’s first Easter and she finished it by hand in the car on the way to Grandma Applegate’s. Here are some pictures from this years new clothes.



Can I come in and visit? Can Roufio come too?


The other day Lynn and I went to the feed store. While there he sold us a family of Guinea pigs. A dad, a mom, and two babies. Daniel has become very attached to the Guinea pigs. We have named the dad Ruifio. Daniel carries him all around the house.  Daniel has a dump truck that he puts Ruifio in the back of and drives it all over the house. Lynn is in bed (she does not feel well). Daniel came to the door and asked if he could come visit. Lynn said yes. To which Daniel replied, “and Ruifio too?”