February 2024

It has been a fun month and fast month. One big highlight was I was called to be the Baptistry Coordinator. Lynn brought Alyxibeth. I was so excited that she brought her.

We also had a snow day. Which was a lot of fun. It was really great that it was a Saturday so we could play all we wanted.

Just before Christmas Aubre was in an accident and hit a deer. Insurance covered the car and we were able to buy another minivan. James was amazing and found a company that took the van to Aubre for $900.

Every young man needs a sword

Walker ordered a knife online from a company and they started sending catalogs. James loves getting the catalogs and looking at all the knives.  James has ordered from the company and is on their mailing list. 

The other day James got a new catalog in the mail.  He pours over the pages and looks at everything in the catalog.  In the latest catalog there was a replica US cavalry sword. He has wanted a sword since we went to Master of Influence. Kirk Duncan said that every young man needs a sword as a symbol of his manhood.

He decided to order the sword with his birthday money. The day came for the sword to arrive via ups.


He climbed the highest thing he could to watch for ups.

He was so excited to get it.


He has ran to show it to everyone he knows.

Easter 2012

Lynn and the kids all made new dresses for the girls and vests and ties for the boys. It has become an Easter tradition. Lynn has been making Easter dresses for the kids since Aubrè’s first Easter and she finished it by hand in the car on the way to Grandma Applegate’s. Here are some pictures from this years new clothes.