Crispy Coconut Oil French Fries

We just got our five gallon bucket of coconut oil from “Tropical Traditions” and had to make French fries. My favorite way is to cook them twice, once in the oven and then fried in coconut oil. The reason I do this is because it makes crunchy fries but mostly it speeds up the frying process and seeing how we cook at least 10 pounds of potatoes at a time, it saves me hours in the kitchen.

We start by washing the potatoes and then slicing them like french fries, rinsing them and putting them on a greased cookie sheet (or 2-3 cookie sheets because we eat so many). Then we place them in the pre heated oven (450°) for 20 minutes.


While they cook we get out the cast iron pans and fill them half way with coconut oil (this is not full flavor, that would be nasty) and start heating them up. When the oven beeps we take out the potatoes and fry them in small batches until golden brown and crunchy.


Remove them from the oil and place on a rack to drain, salt them with sea salt.


The kids enjoy these most as chile (green chile) cheese fries, with beans. I encourage this because if they eat them with fry sauce (catsup and mayo) alone I can never make enough and would need to invest in a McDonalds fryer.