Happy Thanksgiving


Well another year has passed and here we are at Thanksgiving again. The children woke up so excited this morning it snowed! Needless to say it is cold. We are all enjoying the pellet stove and Sirius Holy music.

Several years ago we went to Mom and Dads house for Thanksgiving.  Mom was the Relief Society President. Her Ward had decided to have a dinner at the church that day. Lynn loved the idea and thought our Ward should do the same. Well this year Lynn’s dad is in charge of the activities for the Stake. So guess what we are doing for Thanksgiving, having a BIG dinner at the church. Everyone around here has been cooking all week. We are cooking 15 Turkeys, 200 pounds of potatoes, 50 pounds of bread, 75 pies, and this for a potluck dinner! Hopefully the dinner goes well, I won’t be going I broke my ribs last week and can’t take a car ride (it sucks). I bet the dinner will go very well.