The day for the Temple!

Today is Tuesday and every Tuesday Lynn and I go to the temple. We do Sealings at 2:30. Today I had an appointment at the orthodontist to have my braces cheked. So we left early today.

First we went to breakfast then we went to home depot to get some parts for minor fixer-uppers. As we left Carl’s jr. a man asked for some money for gas. Having someone ask for money happens occasionally but today became quite different.

So from Home Depot we went up for my ortho appointment. The appointment only lasted about 10 minutes. In fact Lynn sat in the car to make a call while I went in. She just hung up the phone when I walked out.

While I was in the orthodontist the kids called and and said that Ella’s rabbit had died. They were devastated.

Because we had so much time we decided to go to Costco and get gas for the car. While we were in the parking lot a lady came up to us and asked for some money so she could get a hotel room. She said that her and her husband and her 2 year old were living out of their car. Lynn said we don’t have any money but that we could get them a room for the night. So we followed them over to the Motel 6 and because the room rate was only $40 Lynn paid for two nights. The lady was very suprised that Lynn would do that, but that is the kind of woman Lynn is.

By that time we were quite hungery so we went over to subway to get a sandwich. While we were there Tara Shaw called and said she needed a blessing and it was urgent. Lynn called Tressa and set it up for Patricio to go with us to give the blessing but he could not go for a while.

We still had time to get upto the Temple so we drove across town and pulled into the parking lot. Lynn had been feeling weird all morning and by the time we arrived at the Temple she was full on sick. We did not dare go in, and have her get worse. We have youth baptisms on Thursday so we knew we will still get to the Temple this week.

Because we had helped the family eariler we had not bought gas so we went back down to Costco to get gas. By that time Patricio was ready to go give Tara a blessing.

So we went over to Tara’s apartment. We met Patrico at the Wal-Mart by her house and went over together. Patricio annoited and I sealed. Patricio wanted to do it in English but he still has not learned and is comfortable with English so he did it in Spanish. In the middle of the blessing Lynn said I paused for a while. I was prompted to cast Satan out. I have never had to do that before and it was a scarry expirence for me.

Now that the day is over I can’t wait for Thursday to go to the Temple. I really need it now!

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