Time flies

When I started mobile blogging I wanted to make an entry every day,
but that has failed. I guess that is what repentance is for.

Scott (Elder James) called from the airport in Georgia. It was fun for
everyone to get to say hello to him.

Well I did not finish this entry yesterday. So I will continue with
today. This morning I went out to look at our plants and trees and at
the bottom of the cherry tree lay a coiled sleeping rattlesnake.
Because it was so close to the house I decided it needed to be
disposed of. After I got a shovel I could not bring myself to get
close enough to kill it. So we called Walker over to kill the snake.
Which it did with no quams about it.

After the snake incident Lynn went out to check on the tomatos and
they grew two to three inches. Then Laura and Daniel sat and counted
the "baby" tomatos.

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